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Chain wallets, trucker wallets, and biker wallets

We make these wallets one at a time, giving you years of service. Bikers, truckers, and others use these rugged chain wallets. Click on the pictures below to go to the wallet purchase page. Raven Hollow Leather is located in Maine welcomes e-mail and phone calls if you have any questions about our leather products.

Leather wallets with chains

wallet 7" long chain wallet 6" trucker wallet- 9"
This is a 7 1/2" trucker/biker chain wallet in black leather. It has a heavy chain and loop. Biker wallet- 6" , black leather. Heavy chain and snaps. This trucker wallet is 9 1/2" long. It includes a zippered pocket and heavy chain, snaps and hooks.
trucker checkbook cover biker credit card wallet chain wallet-small
Black leather checkbook cover. Wallet for credit cards and checkbook. It has a heavy chain and snaps to hold up for years of service. 4 1/2" small biker wallet. Small enough to fit in a purse. Included is a wallet chain and snaps.
tri-fold wallet   chain wallet with maltese cross
Tri-fold wallet shown in black leather. 4 1/4" with credit card pockets, photo slot, and cash pocket.   Chain wallet with maltese cross emblem. It's shown here with the extra heavy chain(option). 6" long.
Raven Hollow Leather makes handmade wallets in these 8 styles as well as your own custom chain wallet or other leatherwork. Please visit our main wallet page for more information or call Toll-Free 1-888-471-3020.